Secrets to Executive High Performance

One of the world’s most famous futurists, Mike Walsh, just interviewed me about high performance.

I thought you might enjoy listening to the interview.

I talk about:

* What makes one person achieve more than others

* The difference between a CEO and an entrepreneur

* Why people fail in business.

* Who is my hero entrepreneur of all time and why

Check it out here, I think you’ll really enjoy it. 

PS: I get a bit excited about some issues during the discussion, but it’s only because I’m passionate about what it takes to be great in life. Check out the interview here

Develop The Champion’s Mind

The world is full of excellent business books, but who has time to read them?

As a high performance business coach, I’m always looking at ways to help entrepreneurs like you to get ahead, so I thought it would be a great idea to summarize some of these books for you.

This week we take a look at The Champion’s Mind, by Jim Afremow.

It’s actually a sports psychology book, but so much of it is super relevant for entrepreneurs.

Afremow suggests we monitor ourselves each day with a Mental Score Card – evaluating our mental performance. That way we are far more likely to be running our business at the highest level.

I’ve done a quick video summary of Jim’s excellent book here:

There are many good techniques in the book, but two I want to focus on here are:

1. Ideal intensity level

2. Monitoring enjoyment

Let’s look at ideal intensity level first. Afremow argues that we each have a perfect level of intensity, not too stressed and not too relaxed. We need to evaluate what that is (out of 10) and aim each day to stay at that level all day.

It’s such a simple idea but to me it’s a very wise area to pay attention to.

The next concept is monitoring enjoyment. We are all ambitious and think frequently about our financial goals, but surely an additional goal should be to enjoy what we are doing? (In my experience many entrepreneurs do badly in this area.)

Placing a high importance on daily enjoyment (and monitoring that) is a smart way to live. At the end of our lives we will no doubt wish we had more fun, so let’s start focusing on that now, beginning today.

To see the other excellent mind techniques Jim Afremow suggests we evaluate daily, watch my short book review here

Strong mental performance is crucial for CEOs and entrepreneurs. In my view using using a daily Mental Score Card makes a huge amount of sense.

How To Make Brilliant Business Decisions. Advice from Jeff Bezos

When you think about it, the ability to make excellent decisions is one of the most important business skills of all. 

You can be highly intelligent, motivated and hard working, but if you keep making poor decisions then you simply won’t be successful.

A lot of entrepreneurs and CEOs know this, of course, and so they sometimes make an even bigger mistake.

They avoid making major decisions at all.

They procrastinate, prevaricate and generally avoid saying Yes or No to the really tough choices. 

Be honest, are you sometimes a bit slow in making big decisions? 

Then you may find Jeff Bezos’s decision making system very useful.

Jeff of course, is the founder of Amazon and clearly one of the greatest CEOs in modern history. But few people know he has a special method of making decisions.

Bezos categorizes important decisions, into Type 1 and Type 2.

Type 1 decisions are those that are highly important, and can’t be reversed, at least not easily. Type 2 decisions are those that are relatively simple to reverse, if they prove to be wrong. 

At Amazon, everyone puts huge thought into Type 1 decisions, researching carefully, deliberating in depth and triple checking every element.

But with Type 2 decisions Bezos insists that his team make decisions quickly, and just get on with it.  After all, if they prove to be incorrect they can quickly be shut down and an alternative tactic tried.

Jeff Bezos believes categorizing decisions in this way has played a vital role in making Amazon such an effective company and avoiding becoming a lumbering bureaucracy as it grew.

What about you? Do you see some value in this technique?  

Why not try it for the next month and see if it improves the quality of the decisions you make, and the speed by which you make them. 

In the end, the success of your company depends on how well you and your team make decisions. If you want to get better at it, using the decision making technique of one of the word’s greatest entrepreneurs is a great place to start.

4 Proven Ways To Become Luckier

Most people believe in the concept of luck.

But very few of us have ever analyzed how we can increase our luck, in business and in life.

As a mentor to entrepreneurs, I like to look beyond the basic business stuff and delve into some of the more unusual ways to perform better.

So I’ve done a study on luck and how to increase it, and in this blog I want to take you through the work of Professor Richard Wiseman, who in my view has produced the best research on what makes some people lucky and some not.

You can check out what Wiseman says about increasing luck by clicking here.

Wiseman has discovered that there are 4 character traits of people who experience a lot of good fortune. If you develop all four your luck will dramatically change for the better.

The first trait of lucky people is that they make the most of chance opportunities.

They may see an article in a magazine about a new business, then instead of just turning the page they reach out to the company.

They may meet someone at a party or conference, but they make the effort to reconnect with them and put forward an idea for a joint venture or partnership.

Small actions that can potentially deliver stupendous returns.

Imagine what a difference having that attitude would make to your success ( or luck) over a ten year period. Massive.

You can get a summary of the other three crucial creators of a lucky life here:

I’ve prepared a short video for you that makes Wiseman’s discoveries easy to understand and easy to apply in your own life. You can check it out here:

I think you’ll find it very interesting.

How to get super focused

One of the biggest obstacles to success in business is correct use of time.

The fact is that most CEO’s and entrepreneurs spend too much time doing stuff that doesn’t really matter.

Yes, it’s useful, but it’s not vital to your company’s growth.

But there’s a quick way you can get super focused on what will really earn you money.

I call it The Top Two Questions.
The first question you must ask yourself is “What are the top two activities I do that most grow my business? ”
What really makes a difference to how much income you earn?

When you do this exercise you’ll be amazed how few of your activities actually bring in more money into your company.

Then there’s a second question you absolutely must ask, if you want to become super focused on what counts at work.
I explain it in the 4 minute video here:

If you remind yourself of these two questions daily, you will revolutionize your effectiveness. You will be able to make a whole lot more money, working the same hours or less. They’re that powerful.

Check out the second question here:

4 Ways To Make A Fortune With Email

This week, the creator of email, Ray Tomlinson died.

Sad news, as his invention has changed the world, and it can really change your business.

Most entrepreneurs totally underestimate the power of email. I think it’s actually one of the most effective ways to grow your company.
There are 4 things you can do with email that can help you make potentially millions of dollars. You can see them here:

Email is quick, super cheap and highly targeted. It may well be the ultimate marketing medium. If you do it right. To help you do great email, I’ve prepared a 4 minute video on how to do it well. Check it out here:

I hope you find it useful.

Great Customer Service – Key Questions To Ask

In my view there are 4 key ways to beat your competition in business:

1. Offer a clearly superior product.

2. Offer a similar product at a cheaper price.

3. Give them amazing service.

4. Be better at getting customers – sales and marketing.

When I coach CEOs and entrepreneurs, I find it very interesting that most business owners seem to be more focused on 1 or 2, but put relatively little effort into 3 and 4.

Especially number 3 – giving them an amazing service experience.

Yet new research from Bain & Co, one of the world’s best big business consulting firms, shows that offering great service is an extremely effective way to not just grow your company faster, but also to increase customer loyalty.

Are you spending enough time on creating great customer service?

If the answer is no, check out this short video I created to help you do it:

After hundreds of hours of experience, Bain & Co have created 5 questions you need to ask yourself if you want to create an awesome customer experience. Answer them well and it’s virtually impossible not improve your business.

Check out Bain’s 5 most important customer service questions here:

The Fastest Way to Build Any Company

kids cheatingI coach CEOs and entrepreneurs all over the world on how to create high performance, high profit companies.

I teach them literally hundreds of business building techniques. But if I could only get them to do one I would make it this one: Copy the best.


This advice is controversial – in fact it goes directly against traditional business strategy wisdom, which is that you need to come up with a different product or service to thrive. But trust me, my decades of business experience has shown that copying successful companies is vastly more efficacious than trying to do something original.

Doing original business concepts sounds noble, but it often fails because not enough people want that new, original solution. Or you find it isn’t cost efficient to deliver it. Or that consumers can’t be bothered trying the new version etc, etc. The reasons for potential failure go on and on.


On the other hand, if you look at the best companies in your sector very carefully, you will learn many ways you can grow your business, merely by copying them.

How exactly?

Well consider copying top competitors in these ways:

* Pricing – they have probably tested the perfect price point.They know it works really well. Why try to come up with something different?

* Positioning – however they have positioned their product clearly resonates with potential customers – what parts of their positioning could you use in your own marketing?

* Product mix – do they bundle their services in a particular way? Could you do the same?


Let me be clear about this; I am not suggesting precisely taking the exact wording, positioning or product attributes of the top players in your field. That is just stealing and could easily lead to legal action being taken against you.

I’m suggesting you take general concepts that seem to be working for them and make small changes to them – so that you’re taking their general ideas but making them different enough to avoid exact duplication.

Use your own wording, add your own flair, but take the best of what they do and integrate it into your company’s offering.


Steve Jobs openly said that he was “shameless” about taking great ideas from other companies. Whenever a new Porsche comes out numerous competitors buy the car to take it apart to see what ideas they can take from it. Almost the entire fashion industry is built upon borrowing designs that seem to be popular and making slight changes to them.

Copying the best is one of the most effective techniques in the entire business world to grow a company safely. Don’t be too proud to do it. Study the leaders in your industry relentlessly until you find what makes them tick – then integrate those strategies into your organization.

It’s a fast, smart and easy way to make your company more successful.


How To Finish The Year Brilliantly

There’s two ways you could finish the last 3 weeks of this year:

1. Like most people.

Lot’s of parties, wind down early, plan your break.

2. Like a high achiever.

Enjoy the festive season, but also do vital things that can make you much more money and have you beautifully set up to have a fantastic 2016.

As a high performance business coach, I’m always pushing entrepreneurs to maximize their time. So with that in mind, here are 4 things you can do to end this year brilliantly:


Don’t let this precious time go to waste. Contact anyone who has shown any interest in your product this year and try to close them. Offer a discount or a special bonus to sweeten the deal, just get them across the line. You can do this! Don’t just spend money this holiday season, make some!


Throw out everything you can, get your files in order, answer or delete those excess emails. Allocate 60 minutes every day for the next 3 weeks to tidy, organize and get on top of things. That way when you walk into the office in the New Year you will feel and perform like a winner. Your environment matters! Get it under control.

Strategies 3 and 4 for finishing this year with power are in this short video:

Do all 4 of these techniques and you’ll not only end the year richer, you’ll feel more confident, excited and on top of life.

These techniques are simple, but super effective. Check them all out here:

PS If you know staff or other entrepreneurs who could do with some motivation, share the video with them.You can access it here:

A Great Business Tip From Mark Zuckerberg

One of the fastest ways to get better at business is to copy the greats.

And they don’t get much better than Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg.

Zuckerberg is a pretty unusual guy, and he sets himself some pretty weird goals to improve himself.

One is as follows: each year he chooses a single challenge – business or personal – that will take him to the next level. He’s come up with some pretty crazy ones over the years, and in the 3 minute video below I describe them. You can check out the video by clicking here. 

 Should you do the same as Zuckerberg? Selecting a yearly challenge, one that will force you to become better at the game of business, is an idea really worth considering. Zuckerberg chooses something that will really stretch him, then keeps doing it all year long.

As a result, he just keeps getting better and better. Check out Zuckerberg’s crazy yearly goals here: