The 3 Biggest Mistakes You Can Make Growing Your Business

You can be really smart and really talented, but if you make these 3 mistakes you will still never grow a hugely successful business.

Mistake 1. Not Studying Time Management

It is truly ludicrous that you can go through 12 years of school without ever being taught how to manage your time effectively. It is one of the master skills of business ( and indeed life).

Time management is a science. It has principles that work consistently to help you achieve enormous things.

But unless you study this field ( and apply what you learn daily)  you will finish your career having achieved only 10% of what you could have.

Mistake 2. Not Aiming Big

Most people aim small in life. They have low self-belief and as a result don’t dare aim for what they deep down really want, as they feel it isn’t possible for someone like them.

Big mistake. Once you aim small several bad things happen:

A. Your level of success is capped.

B. Your motivation goes down. (Why would you get excited about a minor goal?)

C. You attract other small thinkers around you.

The research in this area is conclusive. People who aim for big goals may not reach them, but they usually achieve much more than people who play it safe.

Mistake 3. Not Becoming An Expert In Your Field

Most people are dabblers. They know a bit about their chosen occupation, but they make no attempt at truly mastering their field.

But the big money always goes to the true experts. The ones who know all the details that lead to superior performance.

Nobody wants to hire mediocre people. And no good staff want to work with mediocre entrepreneurs.

When you take the time to really study your field you set yourself apart from the pack- in knowledge, in the ability to attract clients and the ability to attract the best staff.

Be honest. Are you making any of these 3 mistakes?

Each one of them is simple to fix. You just need to make a commitment to eradicating the mistake from your life and allocate time daily to getting better in that area.

Turn these 3 mistakes into 3 strengths and the business world is yours.


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