The 90/10 Rule: A Great Way For Entrepreneurs To Reduce Stress

If you are ambitious about business, then stress will be frequent.

That’s because it’s your job to push people, push projects and definitely push yourself to achieve more.

So clearly, the more effective you can get at reducing your stress the better.

That’s why I invented the 90/10 Rule.

It’s a powerful mental technique that can both dramatically reduce your stress AND make your business perform at a higher level.

I explain how the 90/10 Rule works on this quick video.

In essence, the rule works like this.

Every time you experience an event or situation that stresses you, you commit to spending only 10% of your time worrying about it. And to spend 90% of your time thinking of solutions or re-focusing on your goal.

It takes a bit of self discipline at first, but it’s such a powerful technique.

Worrying about possible negative outcomes is an absolute killer for your confidence. It also stops you thinking clearly and it definitely reduces your enjoyment at work.

But by forcing yourself to spend 90% of the time thinking about solutions or re-focusing on your original goal, several good things happen:

  1. You usually solve the problem
  2. You create momentum, rather than getting stuck in the quagmire of negative thought
  3. You instantly feel a whole lot better.

Business is in many ways a mental game. You have to get your head right to succeed at a high level.

The 90/10 Rule can be a major weapon in your mental arsenal to take you to the heights of business success.

I explain this important rule in a different way on this short video.

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