A Mysterious Way To Increase Your Business Success

As a mentor to business leaders, I often ask myself this question:

Why do some intelligent people fail at business?

I regularly see smart people who work hard and do many of the right things, yet sometimes they still do not have much success with their companies.

Why is that?

Well sometimes I think it’s because they don’t do enough sales and marketing. And sometimes they have personalities that just rub potential customers up the wrong way.

But at other times I think it’s something far more mysterious.

I think they fail to succeed at an ultra-high level because they lack intense desire.

In my opinion, intense desire is a more hidden but crucial component of success in business.

When you really desire something, you think about it all the time. You constantly try things. You are always conceiving ways to bring yourself closer to your desired goal.

You take more risks. You reach out to more people. You persist longer. You work harder. You notice more things that could help your business.

And as a result of all these little differences, you experience more luck. More things go your way.

Now some people may think that desire is relatively unimportant in business- that if you just do the right things for long enough then you’ll eventually achieve a great result.

And while I think that is true to a certain level, above that are people who succeed with extraordinary speed and enjoy incredible luck as they do it.

I strongly believe the difference is often the intensity of desire they have deep inside of them.

Why not put this concept to the test in the next 4 weeks?

Ramp up the desire in your heart to be extraordinary at business. Really light the fire.

Then observe how your business has changed in a month.

If you do this experiment with full commitment, I think you’ll experience some examples of unusual luck and success.

Intense desire could well be the missing ingredient to you achieving your goals.

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