A radical way to increase your revenue

Here’s an idea worth considering.

Few will do it. But everyone in business should.

It’s a business strategy that seems totally naive, but in my experience is extremely lucrative.

It’s not about marketing or sales, or cash flow.

But it positively affects each of those things. Enormously.

The tactic is extremely simple but quite radical:

Be kind to everyone you deal with.

The power of kindness is hugely underestimated in business.

But let me tell you why focusing on being genuinely kind to people can bring in so much revenue.

People way prefer to do business with kind people.

Even if there are millions of dollars at stake, if a potential client can’t decide between two suppliers, they will almost certainly choose the person they like the most.

Who seems like a nice person. Who exudes a feeling of care and kindness towards them.

Why do people so often choose kind people over others, when selecting business partners or suppliers?

Because life is short. And business is only a part of our lives.

We are not just seeking money from our business activities, we are seeking enjoyment as well.

And doing business with decent, kind people is a lot more pleasant than just choosing people based purely on the numbers.

A friend of mine is one of the global heads of one of the most powerful banks in the world. He earns a fortune. His area of expertise is known as Private Wealth, and he and his team manage the wealth of some of the richest individuals and families on the planet.

Now there’s no doubt this guy is super smart, exceedingly hard-working and delivers a great service. But so do a lot of private wealth executives.

But he has a weapon that far outweighs the usual attributes of his competition:

He is really, genuinely kind-hearted.

And as he deals with some of the most powerful, successful people in the world, they, being highly perceptive judges of character, can see that he actually cares.

Not fake cares. Not slick cares. But genuinely cares.

And so very often they choose him to manage their money.

So as you build your company, yes focus on all the usual metrics of commerce that lead to growth.

But don’t forget the importance of just being a decent, kind person.

Because at the end of the day, we are all not just business people.

We are people, who happen to be in business.

And a little kindness goes a long way.

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