A Totally New Way To Achieve Your Most Important Tasks

As you know, I mentor entrepreneurs and CEO’s on how they can achieve more.

As part of that, I do a lot of research and experiments on myself, to see what really works when it comes to elite business performance.

Well recently I invented a way to work that I’ve found really helpful, so I thought I’d share it with you, in case it helps you too.

I call the method ‘Search For Uncomfortable’.

It’s simple to say, hard to do, but if you do it right, it can revolutionize how much you achieve in your business.

It works like this:

Every day you make a list of all the work tasks that make you feel uncomfortable. That you are nervous about doing. That will be a real stretch to perform, or that you just don’t want to do.

Then you do those tasks.

I’ve found it’s an incredibly effective way to send your work results through the roof. Because most of the tasks that make you feel uncomfortable doing are the ones your company really needs to get done.

Like sales outreach. Or marketing. Or having a tough talk with a team member. Or learning a new work skill, or to use some software you know nothing about.

The kind of tasks you’re always putting off. The tasks you avoid even thinking about.

These uncomfortable actions are gold for your company’s growth. They take you far higher than just doing what’s easy, or usual in your industry.

These are usually the ones that all your competitors don’t want to do either. So if you can bring yourself to do them, you often rocket past your competition.

The breakthrough for me was to actively seek these type of tasks out. To move towards them all day long.To focus on my entire day on doing them.

I put a little Post It note on my desk that says  ‘Search for uncomfortable’, so I’m constantly reminded of the principle through the day.

I’m not saying it’s pleasant. But it has really lifted my results.

And paradoxically, the more I focus on these uncomfortable tasks, the better I feel inside.

So try searching for uncomfortable. And prioritizing it daily.

I think that focusing on doing the uncomfortable consistently will virtually ensure you have a great future.

As my wife’s mother so wisely says,“Hard now, easy later. Easy now, hard later.”

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