Are You A World Class Entrepreneur? Take This 2 Minute Test.

I’ve coached well over 1000 CEO’s and entrepreneurs.

And I think the great ones share similar characteristics.

In case it helps you, I’ve listed what I think are the key character traits of great business people below.

To see how excellent you are at business, simply give yourself a mark out of 10 for each of these.

In just two minutes you’ll know how good you are and specifically what you need to improve.

So, here we go…

In my view, great business people:

  1. Are extremely clear on their quarterly and annual business goals.
  2. Are decisive – they make most decisions relatively quickly and stick with them.
  3. Plan their work days carefully and stick to that plan.
  4. Give out positive energy to those around them.
  5. Keep trying when others give up.
  6. Focus on new sales constantly.
  7. Have intense desire to reach their business goals.
  8. Are hungry to learn new business skills.
  9. Watch their finances closely.
  10. Lead their employees strongly- insisting on high standards.

How did you go?

What areas are you strong at? Which areas need more focus from you in the coming months?

After mentoring CEO’s and entrepreneurs for a decade, what I know for sure is this.

Most great business people are made, they are not born that way.

As Brian Tracy says, “All business skills are learnable.”

So make a note of what areas you need to improve, to become a world class business leader.

And get to work.

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