Areas You Must Focus On To Grow Your Business This Year

I know you are committed to really making this year outstanding for your business.

So to help you achieve business greatness, I’ve outlined the key areas you must concentrate on to make 2018 an awesome one for your company.

There are 4 areas that really count:

1. Get More Revenue Out Of Each Client

Too often we only look for new clients. But what about the clients we already have?

What else could you offer them to get them to give you more money?

It’s a hell of a lot easier to get a current client to give you more money than convince a stranger to become your client.

Spend 5 minutes today brainstorming different services you could offer your current client base, then call or email them offering them your best idea.

2. Offer More Expensive Options

Some of your clients would pay a whole lot more money if only you gave them a  reason to do so.

The easiest way to do that is to offer a more expensive version of whatever you offer- I guarantee you some of your clients will choose the higher level option and you’ll make a lot more money.

How could you offer them a deeper, better experience? What would you have to include to make it worthwhile for people to pay more for it?

I’ll bet in 20 minutes you could design this new premium version of what you’re doing- give it a try now.

3. Having A Learning Schedule

There are 3 fundamentally different paths to growing your business in the next 12 months:

* Offer something different/better

* Reach more people with your offers

* Become a better entrepreneur

Strategy 3 can yield huge financial rewards for you, but to become more you often need to learn more.

So ask yourself:

What do I need to learn to take my business to the next level?

Potential areas for learning include: digital marketing, productivity, sales techniques, industry knowledge, leadership, systems building, capital raising, etc.

Right now, get clear on 2 areas you need to learn more about and set yourself the goal of studying them deeply- via a course, books or coaching from an expert.

4. Commit To Time Excellence

It is ridiculous how many hundreds of hours the typical entrepreneur wastes in a year.

Yet you can do a 3 year business degree and they usually won’t spend even 1 hour on how to work more efficiently.

Learning how to be time effective is absolutely vital! You must focus on it this year if you want to really improve your results.

Frankly, if you just got good at this one area, it can really change the game for you.

Okay, let’s do a quick evaluation. Which of these areas do you most need to focus on? Which, if mastered, would contribute most to you massively increasing your income?

Get clear on your most important area and take action immediately to get better at it.

The year will go quickly. You must act now with great force and velocity if you want to dramatically improve your company’s results.

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