Checklist To Create A High Growth Company

I know you are serious about creating a superb, fast growth company.

So to help you achieve that, I’ve prepared a 15 point checklist on what you’ll need to do to make it a reality.

Keep this and review it regularly to keep you on track for strong growth and ever.

Checklist To Create A High Growth Company

  1. I am clear about my 3 year vision for my company’s future.
  2. I am clear about my 90 day goals
  3. I am clear about why people should choose my company
  4. I plan each day in advance
  5. I allocate major amounts of time each week for income generating activities
  6. I have a reliable system for bringing in quality leads
  7. I have a system for consistently converting those leads into sales
  8. I have a system for delivering my product or service efficiently and excellently
  9. I have a system for checking my clients are delighted
  10. I meet with all my staff each week
  11. I get clear on my company’s financial situation every 30 days
  12. I outsource or delegate 80% of low level activities
  13. All staff follow a systems manual
  14. I have a monthly team building event
  15. I keep my mind confident and positive with a daily mental ritual

And that’s the checklist.

If you get these 15 elements right, a superb, high growth business is virtually certain. 

These are the kind of things I work on when I’m coaching entrepreneurs – and when they do these 15 things, their profits soar.

Keep this checklist where you can see it every day, work on it daily and your financial future is sure to be a bright one.

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