If You Own A Company Please Remember These 3 Things

If you want to grow your company, it will really help if you keep these 3 things in mind:

1. Money flows where attention goes.

If you haven’t grown your company much in the last 6 months it’s almost certainly because you are not physically spending enough time each week looking for clients.

I know that sounds like a simple generalization, but I have mentored literally hundreds of company owners and I almost always find the ones not getting wealthy are caught up running the day to day business, not looking for more income.

You need to change the main focus of your attention to increasing revenue, then your results will improve enormously.

2. You must switch from a talent based business to a systems based business.

It’s great to have outstanding people, but I have found that building your agency around brilliant minds is dangerous.

Firstly there are not many of them, so you will always struggle to scale a company centered around super talented employees. They are just too hard to find.

Secondly, having brilliant employees often hides the fact that a company is short of systems. Great talent somehow gets the job done, even when the company’s systems are poor.

But it’s hard to really grow a company based around individual genius. Good scaleable systems are a more reliable way to scale than endlessly looking for star performers.

You want to have it so that your systems are so good, the company grows even when you employ average people.

3. People are a lot dumber than you have built giant companies.

You can do this, you really can.

I have mentored many very rich business people and they are often no brighter than the average entrepreneur.

All you need is enormous desire, massive belief and a method or process that works. I’m not saying building a great company is simple, but it is eminently within your grasp if you work on those 3 areas constantly.

Please have a think about these 3 points. If you keep them in mind they can help you grow your company (and your bank balance) a whole lot faster.

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