Do more of this and you’ll grow your business faster.

Here’s a powerful thought.

All those things you once tried to grow your business that didn’t work?

Maybe some of them do.

Maybe the only reason you didn’t get results from them is you simply didn’t do them enough.

Think cold calling doesn’t work? Perhaps that’s because you only did it a few times and got discouraged.

Have you sent out some direct mail to potential clients and got no response? Maybe that’s because you didn’t send enough of them. Or enough variations.

Tried to create a few joint ventures or partnerships and had no luck? It could be because you only asked 2 or 3 people. When you should have asked 10.

Go back and look at your past marketing attempts.

And ask yourself, “Did I give up too soon?”

Then pick the one that seems to have the most potential. And this time give it a real go.

Dedicate one full month to really making it work.

You will be surprised how often a previously rejected business growth method can actually bring you a fortune.

If you truly, fully commit to doing it well.

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