Entrepreneurs – Please make sure you do this

Here’s a tip that can really help you.

Throughout the year I run 2 day trainings for ambitious entrepreneurs.

I just completed one a few days ago.

I spend two entire days teaching cutting edge business growth strategies and solving entrepreneurs’ biggest problems.

Here’s what I discovered:

In general, entrepreneurs who weren’t making much progress do two things wrong:

1. They don’t have a super clear set of goals for the next 3 months.

As a result, they get caught up doing urgent things that aren’t actually that important.

Things like emails, phone calls, staff interruptions, admin etc.

Suddenly it’s 3 months later and they’ve achieved very little.

Not only do almost all successful entrepreneurs have 90 day goals, they make sure they think about those goals constantly.

They don’t put them in a drawer and forget about them, they focus on them all day long.

The second thing poor performing entrepreneurs do is explained in this short video I’ve prepared for you.

I think you’ll agree with me – and find it very valuable information for building your company faster.

Check out the video here:


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One thought on “Entrepreneurs – Please make sure you do this

  1. Great idea! I’m one of those who makes 10 large goals and then takes FOREVER to reach them, if at all!
    I’ll try this 3 month/3 goal thing. I already feel less stressed!