Getting Your Mind Right.

In business there’s a lot of talk about strategies for making more money.

But not enough about getting your mind into a state where it is highly effective.

That’s a big mistake, because it’s only when an entrepreneur’s mind is centered, focused and clear that we can achieve at a high level.

Haven’t you had days when you just weren’t thinking clearly at work? Times when you weren’t performing at your best, for no other reason than that your mind wasn’t in the right place?

For most entrepreneurs this negative or distracted mind state occurs regularly, maybe every week or so.

It can be very costly too: we can make bad decisions, speak unkindly to our staff, or just not get much stuff done.

As harmful as this way of being is, the good news is that it can be easily fixed, with a simple technique I developed recently.

I call it The Two Reminders.

As you get ready for work, take a couple of minutes to sit with a pen and pad and just think about these two ideals:

1. Ideal Person.

What kind of person do you aspire to be? What are the character traits that you would most like to exhibit to others? What kind of ways would you like to think?

Typical answers might include: calm, focused, happy, uplifting, clever, inspiring, kind, effective, a top performer, creative, optimistic, efficient.

Spend a few moments each day seeing yourself as that kind of person.

2. Ideal Business.

What do you want your business to look like? What kind of services are you providing, and of what quality?

How do you want to come across to customers? How much money do you want to make? What makes your company different from the rest?

Think about your company as you would like it to be. Just for a minute or two.

Now, go and behave like you are indeed that ideal person, running that type of business.

The Two Reminders are so powerful because we often forget that when we get our inner self right, our outer circumstances soon change for the better.

But if all we do is work, without first focusing on who we want to be, then our results are usually ordinary.

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5 thoughts on “Getting Your Mind Right.

  1. Simon this exercise reminds me of the Gay Hendricks’ Five Wishes, an exercise I often do with my coaching clients, and a personal branding exercise I do in my training seminars. The way you laid it out is very simple and easy to follow (like all your posts, which is why I love your blog and read it regularly!).

    I did the Five Wishes exercise years ago, and it is the basis for how I have designed my life, from personal to work, since. It freed my mind to be more ‘centered, focused and clear that [we] can achieve at a high level’, and helped me make time for the important things in life. I just wrote a blog on a small part of how this manifested at

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