How do you define genuine success?

What does Success mean to you?

It such an important question.

If you don’t take the time to answer it for yourself, you could end up feeling miserable about your entire life.

But if you get really, really clear about what genuine Success means to you, then you can design your life so that you achieve a level of happiness way higher than the average person.

The brilliant philosopher, speaker and entrepreneur, Joseph Rodarick Law, addressed this issue in his magnificent new book, ‘Authentic Power And Greatness’.

He interviewed some of the leading people in the world- everyone from high level monks to famous authors, and asked them what genuine Success meant to them.

I was fortunate that I was one of the people he also interviewed.

So if you’d like to read what all these people’s advice was for leading a truly Successful life, click to the article below:

There are some very elegant and powerful answers, that could really help you define your own answer to that all important question:

‘What is a successful life?’

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