How To Be Great At Sales

Most entrepreneurs hate doing Sales work.

But have you ever asked yourself why you don’t like it?

I think there is one main reason that entrepreneurs dislike Sales so much:

They don’t think they are good at it.

Think about it. If you were absolutely amazing at Sales, and you had lines of people wanting to buy from you, do you think you’d hate it then?

No way. You’d love doing Sales!

So the solution is simple.

You need to get really, really good at Sales.

Then two things will happen:

    1. You’ll enjoy it.
  1. You’ll be rich.

And how do you get good at Sales?

Well firstly, you have to make the choice to get good at Sales.

Surprisingly, almost no entrepreneurs even seek to be excellent at getting Sales. Even though they know it is absolutely key to their company’s future success.

Next, you have to learn an organized, systematic and effective way to consistently bring in leads and convert them into clients.

Most entrepreneurs do not have such a Sales system – they wing it. 

Thirdly, you have to devote significant amounts of time each week to doing your Sales system. 

Once gain, the majority of entrepreneurs do not do this. They only do occasional Sales activity.

So in a nutshell, those are the three things you must do to be great at Sales and start loving Sales.

Commit to be excellent at it. Learn an organized Sales system that works. And make it one of your primary work activities each week.

Be honest with yourself. Which of these three do you do well?

Your answer will determine not only how much you enjoy doing Sales.

But also how big your company will grow.

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