How to Build a Business Wealth Machine

You may be worried by how your company is going.

You may wonder whether it will grow and prosper.

But it’s important that you understand that creating an awesomely profitable company is not a matter of luck.

Making millions from your company should be highly systematic.

I have built 4 multi- million dollar companies in a row. I also co-founded the 15th biggest marketing services group in the world.

I have personally made several tens of millions of dollars from building my own companies.

And these days, other than investing my own money, I spend all day mentoring business owners like you.

So without wanting to brag, I really do know a lot about how to grow a company.

If you want to be sure your company is going to have a fabulous future, you must make sure you do each one of the list below:

  • Have a reliable method of systematically brining in quality leads. (Most entrepreneurs just rely on referrals and reputation).
  • Spend meaningful amounts of time each week doing effective outbound marketing. (Most business owners have no consistent outbound, and so don’t actually connect with many prospects over the course of a year).
  • Have a superb ‘stay in touch’ system. Most people don’t realize that most of the money is made at this stage.
  • Do things in a clearly different way to your competitors. (Here’s the crazy thing: most potential clients cannot actually tell any difference between you and your competitors- they all look the same to them.
  • Deliver on what you say, by when you say it. (Missed deadlines are the beginning of lost trust between the client and your company).
  • And deliver a product or service that works.

That’s it folks.

Just do those 6 things every week and you are almost certain to make a large amount of money from your company.

So, the big question is, are you doing all six? 

If not, which ones are you weak on?

It’s really important to get all six right. If you are missing just one of them, I cannot guarantee your success as a business owner. Your financial future could be painful.

But get all six right and you can become supremely wealthy. Really.

So please, focus on these and develop every one of them to a high standard of excellence.

And if you need any help building a highly profitable company, book a free session with me.

You can book one here.

(All I ask is that to qualify for a session, you must have an active business that turns over at least $100,000 a year.)

I’ll listen carefully to you describe what you are doing now, and then I’ll give you an exact plan on what you need to change and how to turn your company into a wealth machine.

Book your free session with me here.

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