How To Get Potential Clients To Like You

Surely one of the greatest marketing psychologists of all time is Dr Robert Cialdini.

He and his team have been responsible for more great research on Persuasion than anyone else in history.

But deep in his research is a strategy that few entrepreneurs have acted upon:

How to get potential clients to like you.

It’s very important. Cialdini has shown that one of the primary reasons someone chooses a company over others is that they like the people at the company.

Now think about that.

Right up there with having an amazing product, a great price, a perfect fit to their needs, etc, customers are moved to hire you based upon likability.

Now what Cialdini found is that there is something you can do to greatly increase the chance that somebody will like you enough to buy from you.

And what is that?

Frequency of contact.

Yep, how often you communicate with someone – in person, by phone, email or direct mail, has a major influence on whether they feel good about you. Trust you. Respect you. Like you.

(Obviously that contact has to be a non offensive one for this to work).

The bottom-line is this:

If you are not happy with how many clients you are getting, you must increase your frequency of contact with your leads.

That, friends, is priceless information.

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