How Your Energy Affects Your Business Success

When it comes to winning clients, everyone talks about the same things.

Have a great product. Market well. Be price competitive. Go the extra mile.

That kind of stuff.

But there’s another major element that is at least as important to succeed in business.

Yet virtually nobody talks about it.

It’s the quality of your energy.

By that I mean, how do people feel around you? Are you a neutral or down force, or do you uplift people within your environment with your positivity, passion and interest?

We all know that business is hyper competitive. It’s hard to get any material advantage over your competitors at all – and even those you manage to obtain are usually copied and nullified within months.

There’s always someone who can do it cheaper . And many times better and cheaper.

So in a business environment like this, how can we win?

By exuding a better energy. By making people feel fabulous in your presence. By emanating a sense of possibility.

By being upbeat and light, even as you discuss issues that are heavy.

By being somebody people feel really good around.

We are kidding ourselves if we think business is done purely on the rational level. Numerous times I have seen multi million dollar decisions made based on how a CEO ‘feels’ about a person or company.

Whether they’d enjoy spending their days working with them.

If your company is not doing as well as it could be, take a moment to consider what kind of energy you are giving out.

A better quality energy changes everything.

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