If You Want More Clients, Be More Emotional.

If you want to win more clients, there are two areas you can work on.

The first is logical.

Logical improvements include changing what you say to potential clients. Changing the order you say it. Changing what your offering is. Or how often you follow up.

These are important changes to experiment with. And I can almost guarantee you that if you intelligently alter how you do these four elements, you will end up winning a lot more clients.

But these are all in the realm of the logical, the practical, the procedural.

But there is a whole other realm that you can explore, when it comes to converting leads into sales.

And that is using emotion.

The truth is, in almost every industry companies are chosen not just based on what they offer in a practical sense, but by what the potential client feels when they talk with the company representative. (You).

Do they feel that you are a decent person, someone kind, somebody ethical?

Do they feel that you genuinely care about their situation.? That you are not just going through the motions?

Do they feel like they would enjoy doing business with you?

These more subtle, more emotional aspects of the sales process are not only as important as your logical arguments, they are usually much more so.

In a world where there are usually tens of companies that could deliver a good job, trying to win through logic is often a weak strategy. You are still just one of many similar alternatives.

In the end, people buy from people. They are either attracted or repelled by you at the heart level.

So I urge you to review how you come across in that dimension, rather than being stuck in the logical and mundane.

Change how much you feel for them. How much you care.

Elevate your heart and you will elevate your income.

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