The Importance Of A No Victim Mentality

No matter what industry you are in, there will always be times when things get hard.

Clients will leave. Staff will disappoint. Sales will drop.

Believe me, it happens to all of us. Even the greats.

When it comes to business adversity, the question is not If, but When.

The real trouble occurs not when you experience hardship, it comes when you let it take over your mind, so that it brings you down.

You must do everything you can to avoid feeling like the victim. You must be resolute in maintaining a No Victim Mentality.

No matter how tough it gets. No matter how bad someone has been to you.

Remember this crucial point: You are ALWAYS in charge of your own mental state. Nobody can make you feel down without your consent.

You have the choice – you can stay positive. You can keep persisting. You can go the extra mile. You can think of a better way.

There is always, always, always a way to improve a situation.

This way of thinking is the No Victim Mentality. And it’s imperative that you adopt it fully in your life.

Those who have mastered the No Victim Mentality, share several characteristics.

1. They Are Solution Orientated.

They don’t dwell endlessly on the problem. They discipline their mind to look for something, anything, they can do to move things forward and make things better.

They are constantly looking for actions to take, no matter how small, to improve the situation.

And because they are looking for them, they often end up finding them.

2. They Remain Upbeat When All Around Them Have Become Depressed.

You are never much use if you are feeling down. People with the No Victim Mentality stay extremely positive, because they know that only that mental state is conducive to finding solutions.

Being upbeat also inspires and lifts those around you who may have become despondent.

3. They Intelligently Persist.

Leaders with a No Victim Mentality keep on going when others have given up long ago. But they don’t mindlessly repeat activities that have clearly borne no fruit.

They adapt. They alter. They refine.

Until eventually they breakthrough.

Please take note of these 3 characteristics of the truly strong entrepreneur, one with a true No Victim Mentality.

Focusing on them in times of hardship takes some work, but in the long run, it is 100 times easier than giving in to failure.

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