Making this year better than the last

By now the excitement of a brand new year is beginning to calm down, and we are left with the day to day running of our businesses.

If we are not careful, everything will go back to what it was last year.

Same performance. Same attitude. Same financial results.

You must resist this, with all your might.

Hoping for a better year is not enough. You need to develop an actual plan that you can run day in and day out, that will not just increase your chances of success this year, but virtually guarantee it.

The plan is different for every business, but in today’s blog I want to give you some elements that you should use to create that plan:

1.Your Optimization list.

What are you already currently doing in your business that could improve?

Look at what you’re doing in every area of your company: sales, marketing, delivery, customer service, team, administration.

How could you make each area a bit better? Put your thoughts down on paper, then start work on the top 3 most impactful strategies. (The rest can wait until you’ve done the most vital ones).

2. Your Innovation list.

What totally new things could you try in each area of your business?

New product offerings, new staff, new regions you could sell in, new revenue streams you could test, new back office systems you could introduce, new advertising mediums you could try.

Collate your ideas, then again, pick the 3 most valuable innovations and take action on them.

3. Your Being list.

Now, what type of person would you have to become, for this year to be the most profitable of your life?

What attitude changes would you need? How would your self image need to be refined? What character flaws are holding you back that you need to focus on and eradicate?

You cannot achieve lasting major improvements in your business if you continue to function at the same level of being as you have been.

Your dollar earning potential is intimately related to your level of internal development, yet few entrepreneurs seek to improve their inner selves.

Creating each of these 3 lists probably only takes 20 minutes each. Yet virtually no entrepreneurs have ever done it. You will almost certainly be the only person in your industry that evaluates opportunities for your company’s growth in this comprehensive way.

But if you do this (and consistently move forward on the best strategies that you conceive) the chances of you having a magnificent year are exceedingly high indeed.

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