The Mindset Of A Top Entrepreneur

Great entrepreneurs don’t just show up to work.

They take the time to get their mind right first.

It’s vital to realize that your state of mind each day plays a huge part on how well you perform, how much you get done, and how big your company grows.

In my experience coaching literally hundreds of entrepreneurs, the very best ones have these 3 mindsets.

They Have High Standards.

Intelligence is not enough to succeed in business. Nor is effort. You need to set much higher standards for yourself than others do.

The single fastest way you can change your life is to take a few minutes to conceive a different and higher set of standards for how you will behave from now on.

What will you no longer accept? From you, your partners, your team and your suppliers?

Get clear on those higher standards and insist that others in your orbit stick to them.

I guarantee you, your results will change within 24 hours when you do this.

They Focus On The Precious Few.

It’s fascinating to watch mediocre performers work. They are often very hard workers, but they focus large amounts of time on things that don’t really matter that much.

One of the greatest myths about highly successful people is that they get super human amounts of work done. 

The reality is that often they do not, but they get more of the precious few tasks that actually matter done – they phone the right person, make the right decision, move the right goal forward. 

They may not work longer hours (indeed they regularly work shorter hours) but they are very careful to spend their time doing the things that will really move their business (and their life) forward.

They Remain Optimistic Under Pressure.

Anyone can be an optimist when work is going well. The best performers are able to maintain their enthusiasm and hope even when everyone around them has given up, or is expecting failure.

They do this by:

  1. Looking relentlessly for solutions and new steps forward.
  2. Disciplining themselves to focus their mind on their desired vision, rather than their immediate circumstances

There is a lot of wisdom in those last two points. I urge you to take a moment to really think about them, and whether you are using them enough in your own life.

If you can establish and stick to very high standards, focus on the precious few activities that really matter and train yourself to remain optimistic even when under pressure, I can unreservedly tell you this:

You will live a life of extraordinary success.

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