Money loves speed. Are you working fast enough?

If you’re having trouble growing your business, take a look at your timelines.

Sometimes entrepreneurs give themselves far too long to get things done.

(Just because you have the time available doesn’t mean you should use it)

Try this exercise for one week:

With each major task you have to do, estimate how long it will take. Then give yourself a deadline of half that time.

Constantly exert pressure on yourself to hit that deadline, however unlikely it may seem to you that you can do it.

Two things will happen.

Either you’ll surprise yourself and get it done in half the time.

Or you’ll fail to do it, but have achieved far more than you would have had you not pushed yourself.

Either one is a big win.

There’s another strong advantage to trying to do things in half the time. One rarely appreciated.

Moving fast improves your mood. It’s exciting to get momentum, to see things getting done quickly.

As Tony Robbins concluded after 20 years of research, ‘Progress equals happiness’.

Money loves speed.

And once you get used to it, you will too.

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