My thoughts on parents being entrepreneurs- the stress for males.

People don’t talk about this enough.

As a parent, it can be terribly stressful to run a company.

You not only have to grow the company (which, let’s face it, is pretty difficult).

You have to do it working much less hours per week than entrepreneurs without families. (Because you’ve got to get home to the kids).

You also have to deal with the guilt that comes with doing neither job well- there’s never enough time to work on your business and never enough time to be a  parent.

To say it’s tough for parent entrepreneurs is an understatement.

In today’s blog I write about the challenges men, in particular, have with this.

I call it ‘The Man Crunch’.

For many years the stress women in the workplace have felt has been greatly discussed, and rightly so. But comparatively little has been written from the man’s side.

If you are a parent entrepreneur (or might soon be one) I think you’ll find this blog very useful.

There are some great tips in there.

You can read it here:

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