The 90/10 Rule: A Great Way For Entrepreneurs To Reduce Stress

If you are ambitious about business, then stress will be frequent.

That’s because it’s your job to push people, push projects and definitely push yourself to achieve more.

So clearly, the more effective you can get at reducing your stress the better.

That’s why I invented the 90/10 Rule.

It’s a powerful mental technique that can both dramatically reduce your stress AND make your business perform at a higher level.

I explain how the 90/10 Rule works on this quick video.

In essence, the rule works like this.

Every time you experience an event or situation that stresses you, you commit to spending only 10% of your time worrying about it. And to spend 90% of your time thinking of solutions or re-focusing on your goal.

It takes a bit of self discipline at first, but it’s such a powerful technique.

Worrying about possible negative outcomes is an absolute killer for your confidence. It also stops you thinking clearly and it definitely reduces your enjoyment at work.

But by forcing yourself to spend 90% of the time thinking about solutions or re-focusing on your original goal, several good things happen:

  1. You usually solve the problem
  2. You create momentum, rather than getting stuck in the quagmire of negative thought
  3. You instantly feel a whole lot better.

Business is in many ways a mental game. You have to get your head right to succeed at a high level.

The 90/10 Rule can be a major weapon in your mental arsenal to take you to the heights of business success.

I explain this important rule in a different way on this short video.

A Smart Way To Win More Clients

One of the most important skills in business is convincing clients to hire you.

Too many entrepreneurs do this poorly – they just get in the room and talk about how great they are.

But there’s a much more powerful way to persuade potential clients to choose your company.

In today’s quick video I show you a simple method that will greatly increase the chances that someone will hire you.

Do this one thing and you’ll:

  1. Stand out from your competitors
  2. Be trusted more by potential clients.
  3. Close more deals.

Watch the video for the full story.

Make this One Change And You’ll Transform Your Wealth

There are three elements that affect how much success you achieve in business and life.

  1. Your Strategy
  2. Your Mental State
  3. Luck

(Element 3 is greatly affected by elements 1 and 2).

Today I want to talk about optimizing your mental state – and teach you a super simple but astoundingly effective method of improving how you think, so that you are far more successful.

Make this one change and so many parts of your life will improve – the quality of your work, the amount of money you make and your self esteem, just for starters.

The technique is that powerful.

And here it is:

Make the decision that from now on you are going to aim to be the best in the world at your work.

Not just good at what you do, or even great, but literally the best in the world.

If you dare to do this, and follow through with it with conviction, many great things will happen:

1Your own personal standards will immediately rise.

Holding yourself to a higher standard is crucial to succeeding at a top level. The best in any field simply demand more from themselves.

What’s quite remarkable is that as soon as you commit to becoming the best in the world you will notice the standard of what you do quickly rise… usually within  3 minutes.

2Your motivation will skyrocket.

When you decide to play at a truly world class level, suddenly work seems much more exciting. Being ‘quite good’ at what you do is nothing to get pumped up about, but being the best in the world is a whole different ball game. It’s vastly more inspiring.

3. You will demand more from those around you.

Your staff. Your suppliers. Even your clients.

The moment you decide that you are aiming to become the best in the world, you will instantly see that in order to achieve that you’ll need to get the team around you to also lift their game. Pronto.

You’ll demand more from them, as well as design different ways you can work together that enables a superior result.

Their results will get better. Really quickly.

4. You’ll start aggressively looking for ways to improve.

Suddenly it will be apparent to you that there are numerous areas of your performance that you’ll need to learn to improve. You’ll start hunting for experts, for mentors, for courses that can take you up level after level, until you reach true elite performance.

All 4 of these things happen when you dare to make the decision to become the best on the world.

Will you get there? Will you become literally the best in the world at what you do?

I have no idea. But I’ll tell you two things:

Firstly, you won’t get there unless you aim for it.

There’s an old Persian saying. “Not everyone who ran after a Gazelle caught it. But he who caught it ran after it.”

And secondly, even if you don’t make it to best on the planet, your results will improve so greatly that in 3 years time you will swear that going for it was one of the best moves you ever made.


3 Ways To Increase Your Confidence

I believe that one of the most under-appreciated business skills is Confidence.

When you are confident you present better, lead better and make better decisions.

Confidence matters.

That’s why it’s so important that you focus on maintaining high levels of confidence, each and every day.

In today’s video blog, I show you 3 powerful techniques to keeping your confidence high, no matter what happens to you in business.

If you do these three things daily, you will truly believe in yourself and operate much more confidently – no matter how tough things get.

(Potential clients will be much more attracted to working with you as well.)

Remember, there has never been a great business leader that was low on confidence.

It’s imperative that you work on developing your confidence so that you act powerfully, decisively and effectively, running your company.

This video shows you how.

The Two Word Solution To Grow Your Business Faster

I coach a lot of entrepreneurs on how to grow their revenue quickly.

We mentor business owners from a huge variety of industries.

But strangely, the ones that aren’t doing well almost always have the same problem.

I’ve come to believe that there is one reason, above all others, that is responsible for slow growth in business.

It takes bravery to fix it, but once you’ve made the decision you can see an extremely rapid increase in your company’s revenue.

This business building strategy can be summed up in just two words.

Ask more.

Make asking people for money the central activity you do each week, and you will soon be making a lot more revenue.

Ask all your old clients to buy from you again.

Ask all your old leads to re-consider working with you.

Ask all your current clients to buy something else from you – even if you have to brainstorm what that could be.

And if you are sitting around your office angry at how slow your company is growing, get on the phone, call up potential clients, and ask them for a meeting.

Consistent asking for business changes everything. Fast.

But so many entrepreneurs are too scared to do it.

They want to sit back and wait for the clients to come to them.

If you do that, your company’s growth will always be capped – it will be a fraction of what it could be.

You have to get out there and ask, ask, ask.

Consistently. Creatively, Compellingly.

The simple fact is, two words will solve almost all entrepreneur’s growth problems.

Ask more.

Can Exercise Grow Your Company’s Revenue?

I know that you are constantly looking for new ways to grow your company.

But here’s one area you may not have looked at:


In this quick video I show you exactly why exercise directly leads to an increase in income.

If you’re serious about building your business, you cannot ignore the correlation between fitness and business excellence.

I explain how it all works in this video.

Harvard Research: What Makes A Successful CEO

I am constantly researching high performance strategies for entrepreneurs and CEOs.

And recently I read about an extraordinary Harvard study on what it takes to be an elite CEO.

In this study the research team at Harvard looked at which U.S companies performed best over the last 10 years.

Then they looked at whether they were any common personality traits.

Here’s a quick video I did that summarizes their findings.

It’s pretty amazing stuff. Basically, the Harvard researchers found that there was one single character trait that ALL the top performing CEO’s in North America had.

Do you have this trait?

Watch my video and you can see for yourself.

Success in business is no accident. The more you develop this characteristic in yourself the faster your company will grow and the more money you’ll make.


The Mindset Of A Top Entrepreneur

Great entrepreneurs don’t just show up to work.

They take the time to get their mind right first.

It’s vital to realize that your state of mind each day plays a huge part on how well you perform, how much you get done, and how big your company grows.

In my experience coaching literally hundreds of entrepreneurs, the very best ones have these 3 mindsets.

They Have High Standards.

Intelligence is not enough to succeed in business. Nor is effort. You need to set much higher standards for yourself than others do.

The single fastest way you can change your life is to take a few minutes to conceive a different and higher set of standards for how you will behave from now on.

What will you no longer accept? From you, your partners, your team and your suppliers?

Get clear on those higher standards and insist that others in your orbit stick to them.

I guarantee you, your results will change within 24 hours when you do this.

They Focus On The Precious Few.

It’s fascinating to watch mediocre performers work. They are often very hard workers, but they focus large amounts of time on things that don’t really matter that much.

One of the greatest myths about highly successful people is that they get super human amounts of work done. 

The reality is that often they do not, but they get more of the precious few tasks that actually matter done – they phone the right person, make the right decision, move the right goal forward. 

They may not work longer hours (indeed they regularly work shorter hours) but they are very careful to spend their time doing the things that will really move their business (and their life) forward.

They Remain Optimistic Under Pressure.

Anyone can be an optimist when work is going well. The best performers are able to maintain their enthusiasm and hope even when everyone around them has given up, or is expecting failure.

They do this by:

  1. Looking relentlessly for solutions and new steps forward.
  2. Disciplining themselves to focus their mind on their desired vision, rather than their immediate circumstances

There is a lot of wisdom in those last two points. I urge you to take a moment to really think about them, and whether you are using them enough in your own life.

If you can establish and stick to very high standards, focus on the precious few activities that really matter and train yourself to remain optimistic even when under pressure, I can unreservedly tell you this:

You will live a life of extraordinary success.

The Ridiculously Simple 5 Step System To Grow Your Company

Are you finding growing your business difficult?

Here’s  a crazy simple formula for making it happen:

  1. Reach out to people who might be interested in your company, and tell them you exist
  2. Build an email list of the people who showed interest in what your company does.
  3. Email them weekly helpful tips centered around what you do.
  4. Reach out to them every month or two with ways they can do business with you.
  5. Repeat.

Does that sound too simple?

Well here’s the reality.


90% of business owners don’t do Number One – reach out often to potential buyers

90% don’t consistently grow their email list.

90% don’t email that list useful tips and strategies weekly – to build rapport and trust and awareness.

90% don’t regularly reach out and ask them to buy stuff.

And 90% of the people who start doing this, don’t do it repeatedly.

And THAT is primarily why most businesses fail.

So try this method for 6 months. And watch what happens.

Facebook’s Recent Changes – Does Social Media Marketing Still Work?

You’ve probably seen the new Facebook changes that Mark Zuckerberg announced a few weeks ago.

He made a huge shift, making it much harder for your company’s social media posts to be seen.

( And he also reduced the amount of corporate ads that can be viewed, right across Facebook).

Many people are saying that these changes make putting up commercial posts on Facebook ineffective.

But in this short video  I explain how you can still make your social post work.

I also explain why we need to focus on email marketing more than ever, to combat these dramatic Facebook changes.

This is an important video that anyone trying to get sales via Facebook posts should watch.

Here’s the video.