The Mindset Of A Top Entrepreneur

Great entrepreneurs don’t just show up to work.

They take the time to get their mind right first.

It’s vital to realize that your state of mind each day plays a huge part on how well you perform, how much you get done, and how big your company grows.

In my experience coaching literally hundreds of entrepreneurs, the very best ones have these 3 mindsets.

They Have High Standards.

Intelligence is not enough to succeed in business. Nor is effort. You need to set much higher standards for yourself than others do.

The single fastest way you can change your life is to take a few minutes to conceive a different and higher set of standards for how you will behave from now on.

What will you no longer accept? From you, your partners, your team and your suppliers?

Get clear on those higher standards and insist that others in your orbit stick to them.

I guarantee you, your results will change within 24 hours when you do this.

They Focus On The Precious Few.

It’s fascinating to watch mediocre performers work. They are often very hard workers, but they focus large amounts of time on things that don’t really matter that much.

One of the greatest myths about highly successful people is that they get super human amounts of work done. 

The reality is that often they do not, but they get more of the precious few tasks that actually matter done – they phone the right person, make the right decision, move the right goal forward. 

They may not work longer hours (indeed they regularly work shorter hours) but they are very careful to spend their time doing the things that will really move their business (and their life) forward.

They Remain Optimistic Under Pressure.

Anyone can be an optimist when work is going well. The best performers are able to maintain their enthusiasm and hope even when everyone around them has given up, or is expecting failure.

They do this by:

  1. Looking relentlessly for solutions and new steps forward.
  2. Disciplining themselves to focus their mind on their desired vision, rather than their immediate circumstances

There is a lot of wisdom in those last two points. I urge you to take a moment to really think about them, and whether you are using them enough in your own life.

If you can establish and stick to very high standards, focus on the precious few activities that really matter and train yourself to remain optimistic even when under pressure, I can unreservedly tell you this:

You will live a life of extraordinary success.

The Ridiculously Simple 5 Step System To Grow Your Company

Are you finding growing your business difficult?

Here’s  a crazy simple formula for making it happen:

  1. Reach out to people who might be interested in your company, and tell them you exist
  2. Build an email list of the people who showed interest in what your company does.
  3. Email them weekly helpful tips centered around what you do.
  4. Reach out to them every month or two with ways they can do business with you.
  5. Repeat.

Does that sound too simple?

Well here’s the reality.


90% of business owners don’t do Number One – reach out often to potential buyers

90% don’t consistently grow their email list.

90% don’t email that list useful tips and strategies weekly – to build rapport and trust and awareness.

90% don’t regularly reach out and ask them to buy stuff.

And 90% of the people who start doing this, don’t do it repeatedly.

And THAT is primarily why most businesses fail.

So try this method for 6 months. And watch what happens.

Facebook’s Recent Changes – Does Social Media Marketing Still Work?

You’ve probably seen the new Facebook changes that Mark Zuckerberg announced a few weeks ago.

He made a huge shift, making it much harder for your company’s social media posts to be seen.

( And he also reduced the amount of corporate ads that can be viewed, right across Facebook).

Many people are saying that these changes make putting up commercial posts on Facebook ineffective.

But in this short video  I explain how you can still make your social post work.

I also explain why we need to focus on email marketing more than ever, to combat these dramatic Facebook changes.

This is an important video that anyone trying to get sales via Facebook posts should watch.

Here’s the video.

Want To Make More Money In Your Business? Stop Doing These Tasks

Entrepreneurs are always complaining they don’t have enough time.

Yet they spend much of their week doing low level, non money producing tasks.

Mailing letters, handling trivial details, dealing with low level suppliers etc.

Pretty soon they have no time for the things that count:

Reaching out to prospective clients. Finessing new business marketing systems. Increasing how much current clients spend with you.

You may think you’re saving money doing the low level tasks yourself, but it is actually costing you a fortune.


The best solution is to hire an assistant for a few days a week.

They can be virtual (Find them on, Fiverr or Upwork).

Or they can physically be in your office. Either works well.

Once you hire them you’ll find a very interesting thing will happen.

You’ll start brainstorming ways they can help you save time, just to fill up their time.

Within a month you will have unlocked enormous amounts of time that you can use to really build your business.

You could quite easily triple the amount of time you spend each week on revenue increasing activities.

Your workload will be simpler. Clearer. More manageable.

With a good assistant, you’ll feel much more in control. Much calmer too.

Your profits will rise. And your stress levels will fall.

Give it a shot.

Money loves speed. Are you working fast enough?

If you’re having trouble growing your business, take a look at your timelines.

Sometimes entrepreneurs give themselves far too long to get things done.

(Just because you have the time available doesn’t mean you should use it)

Try this exercise for one week:

With each major task you have to do, estimate how long it will take. Then give yourself a deadline of half that time.

Constantly exert pressure on yourself to hit that deadline, however unlikely it may seem to you that you can do it.

Two things will happen.

Either you’ll surprise yourself and get it done in half the time.

Or you’ll fail to do it, but have achieved far more than you would have had you not pushed yourself.

Either one is a big win.

There’s another strong advantage to trying to do things in half the time. One rarely appreciated.

Moving fast improves your mood. It’s exciting to get momentum, to see things getting done quickly.

As Tony Robbins concluded after 20 years of research, ‘Progress equals happiness’.

Money loves speed.

And once you get used to it, you will too.

Feeling Overwhelmed Running Your Company? This Will Help.

Let’s be honest, it can be pretty tough running a company.

Staff issues, client problems, revenue drying up – it just keeps on coming.

If you’re feeling a little down about your business, I’ve got a technique that can really help you.

It will get you clearer and calmer about what you should do next in your business.

You’ll worry less, and achieve a lot more.

I’ve done a 3 minute video to explain the technique.

Running a business is never easy. But this technique will greatly reduce your stress and get you working much more effectively.

The Death Of A Man. The Birth Of An Important Idea

Today the great Roger Bannister died.

Bannister was the guy who in 1954 achieved what virtually the entire word said was impossible.

He ran a mile in under 4 minutes.

The running experts said it couldn’t be done.

The physiology experts said a human could not move at that speed for that long.

But Roger Bannister believed it was more than possible, he believed that he himself would do it.

And when, on 6 May 1954 he did achieve the impossible, something amazing happened.

Only 46 days later, John Landy also did it.

Then the following year 2 people achieved the ‘impossible’

And Roger Bannister became the symbol of a very important idea.

Your expectation hugely affects your results.

Or as Henry Ford put it, “If you think you can or you can’t, you’re right.”

So take a moment to think of Roger Bannister today.

And how that idea could apply currently in your own life.

You can do it.

A Great Way To Improve Your Staff’s Performance

As your company grows, it becomes less about you and more about how your team performs.

Great CEO’s get the most out of their staff. They don’t just leave them to do their jobs.

With this in mind, here’s a really effective way to improve your employees’ performance.

Talk with each of them for 2-3 minutes at the start of each day.

Ask questions like:

What are you working on at the moment?

Everything going okay for you?

What are your 2 most important tasks today?

Is there anything you’re unsure about or need help with?

How are you looking on those deadlines?

That sort of thing. It only takes a few minutes, but the effects are remarkable.

Staff will feel like you really care, so morale goes up.

Employees get much more clear on what their key tasks are, so their efficiency rises.

You get to hear of potential problems before they fully form.

Your entire team knows that you are watching and on top of things, so they lift their game.

Your staff become more accountable – they’ve told you what they are going to do so now have to do it.

All these advantages, in just a few minutes.

This one technique can massively improve your team’s performance within 1 week.

It’s that powerful.

How To Improve Your Efficiency In 2 Minutes

This technique is really powerful. And ridiculously simple.

But when you try it I think you’ll agree it’s an immensely powerful method of increasing your efficiency and shortening your To Do List.

It was invented by David Allen, a renowned productivity expert and it’s called The 2 Minute Rule.

It works like this:

Whenever you see a new email, or a new task comes up for you to do, just ask yourself this one question:

Can I get this done in 2 minutes or less?

If you can, then do it immediately.

If you can’t, put it on your To Do List or allocate a time in your calendar to do it.

It’s such a simple technique but it really improves your efficiency, in the following ways:

  1. You get a lot of tasks done very quickly- you do them as soon as they arrive, rather than postponing them.
  2. By doing the quick tasks immediately your future To Do List is a whole lot shorter and more manageable.
  3. You feel much more in control and on top of things as you experience that fabulous feeling of getting a lot of things done.
  4. If you choose not to do it immediately (as it will take longer than 2 minutes) you write it down straight away, or allocate a time to do it- both of which keep you more organized.

Try The 2 Minute Rule for a week.

I think you’ll agree that it’s one of the best business efficiency techniques out there.

This Painting Has An Important Message For Entrepreneurs

I was walking along the street when I suddenly saw a huge piece of street art.

It perfectly summed up one reason entrepreneurs fail to grow their business.

In this short video I show you this amazing mural, and explain the connection to it and your company’s success.

Yes, it’s a pretty amazing piece of art.

But the lesson it teaches entrepreneurs like you, is even more important.