Stop Wanting To Be Problem Free

If you want to be happy in business, you need to make one important change to how you think.

You have to stop wanting to be problem free.

If you dislike problems, then most days of the week you will be frustrated, angry or unhappy.

Every business is full of problems- constantly.

Even the so-called ‘successful’ businesses.

In fact the faster growing a business is, the more problems it experiences.

Therefore you must train yourself to love problems, to seek problems, to see solving problems as the only way you can ever grow a grow a great business and achieve your dreams.

To think this way is not easy, but it’s doable. And it’s compulsory if you want to excel.

One of the best mental models you can take on is to see yourself as a ‘Master Problem Solver.’

To see yourself as an unstoppable problem solving machine.

That way when the inevitable problems arise they don’t disconcert or worry you. They actually excite you.

You become a business person that attacks problems.

Aggressively, proactively and with genuine ‘Bring it on’ enthusiasm.

This type of business person is not just 10 times more effective and successful than the average ones.

They are also much, much happier.

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