The 15 Minute Technique To Massively Build Your Business Next Year

I know that you want 2019 to be an awesome year for your business and your life.

But how are you actually going to make that happen?

In my experience mentoring many entrepreneurs and CEO’s, there are 2 primary ways:

  1. Conceive a superior strategy than the one you had this year.
  2. Execute an existing strategy in a superior way than you did this year.

Now the key to making both of these happen lies in doing one very basic (but massively important) activity:

Spending time reflecting on your performance this year.

Very few people do this.

We are all very big on taking action. But usually weak on reflection.

But surely it’s only by carefully analyzing what you did this year that you can have a chance of engineering superior ways to operate next year.

Reflection matters a lot.

With this in mind, if you’d like to have a magnificently fruitful and lucrative next year, spend at least 15 minutes thinking about these 3 questions.

What did I do well this year?

What could I have done better?

What are the best strategies for doing those things better?

Strikingly simple questions. But each capable of unlocking a whole new world of excellence for you, both personally and professionally.

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