The 2 Step Formula For Business Success

Business may not be easy, but it is simple.

Basically, you only need to focus on two things to succeed at an incredibly high level.

Let’s go through the steps now.

1. Get exceedingly clear about the 2 or 3 things that actually increase your revenue.

In every company, executives are spending most of their time doing activities that simply do not grow the business much.

Things like administration, most meetings and handling current clients.

All necessary elements of a well functioning company, for sure, but not likely to greatly increase how much money you make.

What does increase revenue?

  • Trying new marketing methods
  • Split testing variants of current marketing methods
  • Creating new product offerings
  • Reaching out to potential buyers
  • Generating PR in your client universe
  • Systematically getting referrals
  • Re-contacting old leads
  • Learning business development systems

That sort of thing.

Until you get very clear about what activities actually move the needle of your revenue, you are doomed to waste thousands of hours a year doing stuff that just doesn’t make much difference to how rich you get.

But once you have reached this clarity, we move to the the next step.

2. Focus as much time as possible per week on those 2 or 3 things.

Here’s the reality. You already know a handful of activities that have been known to increase your revenue.

But you are so busy handling all the other stuff that you don’t get around to doing them much.

Too many of us are majoring in minor things.

It is likely that you could spend literally 3 times more time on revenue generating activities than you currently do.

Yes you may have to hire an assistant or two, delegate a lot and eliminate even more. But you could probably do it.

And if you did, it would totally transform how much money you make in your company. With absolute certainty.

We all think we are short of time. But we are actually awash with time, we have mountains of it, if we learn to use it more wisely.

So there are two steps to this company success formula.

Get uncommonly clear on the handful of activities that actually increase how much money you make.

Then obsessively focus on these areas, each and every week.

Easy to say, hard to do. But very, very possible.

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