The 2 Things You Must Do To Achieve Your Business Goals

You are a highly ambitious person. You are serious about achieving your major business goals.

That being so, there are two things you must do if you wish to make it to the top of your industry.

Failure to do them both will lead to a mediocre result, no matter how intelligent or hard working you are.

These two crucial elements are as follows;

You must have extreme clarity about your goals.

Most people’s clarity on their goals is very low. They aspire to ‘grow their company’, ‘make more money’ and the like, but they are not absolutely clear about exactly what they are going for. 

This vagueness of end goal leads to vagueness of approach- if you don’t know exactly what you want, you can never be sure you are following the right strategy to achieve it.

So there’s a second level to goal clarity as well. Once you have decided precisely what you want, you must be equally precise about formulating the necessary steps to get it. ( Or as many as you can think of initially).

Few people have crystal clear goals. And the few that have them have rarely got clear steps to make it to that goal.

The second thing you must have to achieve at a high level in business concerns how you think.

You must remain highly conscious of those goals throughout the day, every day.

Most people who set goals do not think of them nearly enough.

In a fit of enthusiasm they formulate a grand goal, get excited about it for a few weeks, then slowly get busy with business as usual. Soon their goal is only occasionally thought about.

One of the most important breakthroughs you can make in your effectiveness is to realize that there is a direct connection with how much you think about your goals and how often you achieve them.

You must be almost constantly conscious of your goal. Only when it’s on your mind all the time will you keep taking action towards it, keep having insights about it, keep conceiving of new ways to fulfill it.

So you can see why so few people achieve big business goals.

Firstly they are not clear about their goal and the steps to achieve it. And secondly they do not remain conscious of their goal, thinking about it all day, every day.

Clarity and consciousness.

The two things you must have if you want to achieve at a high level.

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