The 3 quickest ways to grow your business

As you know, I coach entrepreneurs all over the world on how to increase their profits.
But I was thinking this week, if I could only suggest 3 tactics for building profits quickly, what would they be?
Well here they are. I explain them on this short video:

The first one is crucial: Identify the 2 or 3 things you do that actually generate you more income, then triple the amount of time you spend each week on those activities.
You see most business owners get caught up with doing stuff that doesn’t really grow their business, it merely maintains it. (Like going to meetings, answering emails, talking with staff etc).
If you got really, really clear about the small amount of things you do that actually INCREASE income, then focused on doing them most of the day, a remarkable thing would happen.
Your profits would skyrocket.
That’s concept one of ‘The 3 Quickest ways To Grow Your Business’. You can see the other two on this video:

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