The 4 Levels Of Business Clarity You Absolutely Must Have

I was mentoring a business owner yesterday and we were working on their 2019 goals.

We decided on some good ones and he thought we were done.

We were anything but done.

The reality is, in addition to clear goals you need 3 other levels of clarity:

Strategy clarity.

You must be clear on the very next steps you need to take to achieve those goals.

Without clear next steps and dates by which you aim to achieve them, goal setting is just fantasy.

New skills clarity.

This is where the majority of people fall short. In order to achieve major goals, you will need to develop new or better skills.

Most people try to achieve huge things, but don’t work on developing the skills needed to get to this higher level. Thus achieving the goal becomes difficult.

Character evolution clarity.

Here’s the truth: You can’t achieve extraordinary goals without becoming someone more extraordinary than you are now.

You need to consciously work to evolve yourself to a higher level.

If you try to move to a higher goal without also becoming the type of person who would achieve that goal, then success is doubtful.

So ask yourself, what type of person must you become to achieve your 2019 dreams?

What skills should you learn to make this leap not just possible, but probable?

And what are the exact next steps to get you there?

Don’t just set goals. Get clear on the other 3 levels as well – and you’ll be 10 times more likely to have an extraordinary 2019.

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