The big mistake you are probably making

Every week I mentor numerous entrepreneurs and business leaders, of all different types.

But they are almost all guilty of making a serious mistake when it comes to how they grow their company.

I wouldn’t mind betting you are making the same mistake.

What is this error that so many make?

Not following up on sales leads.

The guy you met 4 months ago that seemed interested in what your company offered.

That girl at a party who said she knew someone who needed your services.

That lead that just went dark…and then you gave up on it.

That meeting that went so well… and then the opportunity seemed to evaporate.

These are all opportunities to bring in revenue, but so many of us forget about them and just chase the latest hot enquiry or opportunity.

Don’t do this.

If they haven’t said a clear NO to you, stay in touch, keep following up. Continue to offer them value.

Send them case studies, or educate them on what’s happening in your industry. Or make more offers to them. Or just re- connect and ask how they’re doing.

These leads are not dead. They are very much alive, and waiting for you to resuscitate them.

Right now there are at least 3 people you have not followed up with lately, who would give you money if you did.

Go get ‘em.

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