The Co-founder Of Microsoft Just Died. Here’s What We Can Learn From Him.

Paul Allen the co-founder of Microsoft, died today.

He’d fought Lymphoma for many years, and only in the last few weeks did it return to take him.

As my blog is for entrepreneurs and business people, I wanted to briefly write down some of the things Paul exemplified to me.

He may be dead, but how he lived his life is a lesson to all of us in business.

1. He aimed big.

As a 22 year old, he didn’t just aim to build a tech company, he and Bill wanted to put  “A computer on every desk and in every home”.

2. He lived a life of adventure.

Paul wasn’t all work. He not only was passionately involved in two sports teams, the Seattle Seahawks and the Portland Trail Blazers, he also was hugely involved in music and the arts. ( Both as a participant and a financial supporter).

3. He cared deeply about helping society.

His donations to charities and scientists dedicated to improving the human condition were massive.

In my view he did what every great entrepreneur should do- use the wealth and influence gained from business to help make the world a better one for all of us.

These 3 things most stand out for me when I think of Paul Allen.

And they are three things that we can all focus on and increase in our own lives.

Aiming big.

Living a life of adventure.

Caring deeply about society.

Vale Paul.

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