The one attitude all great entrepreneurs have.

When I coach entrepreneurs, I give them many tactics to grow their companies fast:

How to bring in a lot more leads.

How to convert more of those leads into clients.

How to maximize the revenue of each of those clients, etc.

These techniques work very well, but I have discovered a remarkable thing.

Some entrepreneurs still grow their companies much faster than others!


I think there are several reasons, but one that really stands out is that all the really successful business owners have one key difference in how they think.

They have what I call an Attack Mentality.

They don’t just come into work and start on their To-Do List.

They attack in every way.

They are constantly being daring in both their thoughts about their business and their actions.

Firstly they are very proactive. They don’t just wait for revenue to come in.

They ask people for money a lot more-getting more No’s than most business owners, but a lot more Yeses as well.

I am a great believer in the following maxim:

Asking Is Winning.

Just ask more and you’ll get more.

Money. And Opportunities. And adventures.

Secondly, they don’t buy into society’s beliefs about the economy being down. Or their industry not being as good as it used to be. Or their staff is no good, etc.

They just arrive each morning and attack – aggressively solving problems and looking for immediate actions that grow revenue.

Even if the stock market has collapsed. Even if they don’t feel like working that day. Even if their industry’s margins have declined.

Truly, if we all focused daily on developing our Attack Mentality, we would get phenomenal business results.

Give it a try this week.

The Attack Mentality is summed up nicely in one of my favourite quotes, from an 1844 book, ‘The Luck Of Barry Lyndon’, by Willaim Thackeray.

“Let the man who has to make his fortune in life remember this maxim. Attacking is his only secret. Dare, and the world always yields. Or, if it beat you sometimes, dare again, and it will succumb.’

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