The quickest way to increase your revenue.

There are hundreds of tactics that can grow your business.

You could run ads.

Do some cold calling.

Ask for referrals.

The list is endless.

But in my experience owning numerous businesses for 3 decades (and coaching over 1000 business owners) there is one way that’s faster than the rest.

This method doesn’t cost any money.

Doesn’t take up much time.

And can make you many thousands of dollars within a week or two.

So what is this way to quickly generate more revenue?

Just contact all your old leads.

Think about it.

You know they once had an interest in what you’re offering.

You can reach them in seconds- via email, text or phone call.

You don’t have to spend money on an advertising campaign to reach them.

And in one conversation at least some of them will buy from you.

Contact all of your old leads.

Unequivocally the fastest, easiest, most cost-efficient and most effective way of bringing more revenue into your company.

Do it this week and you’ll be richer next week.

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