The surprising difference between winners and losers.

I have spent three decades studying successful people.

I’ve been fascinated by what makes one person more successful than another.

I have well over one thousand books on the subject.

And I’ve read a mountain of research studies on top performers – and how they became that way.

Now, as you can imagine, the answer is not simple. There are numerous elements that you need to succeed in any field:

You have to work hard. But interestingly, hard work is not enough.

There are literally billions of people working very hard without becoming particularly successful.

You have to have some intelligence. But I have met countless multi millionaires who aren’t particularly smarter than the people around them.

You have to provide a product or service that is seen as useful to your target market.

But walk into any shop and you’ll see plenty of quite mediocre products selling very well indeed. So by no means do you have to offer anything spectacular to succeed in business.

No, in all my years of study of what makes somebody successful, I believe it comes down to three elements.

  1. You must aim high. Successful people seek to achieve at a level far higher than most people choose to. Because they go for it, they are much more likely to get it.
  2. You must maintain belief that you will succeed at your goal for a long period of time.
    Almost all business success comes slowly- no matter what the business magazines and guru’s on social media say. Successful people stay the course longer than average performers.
  3. You must be endlessly flexible in overcoming obstacles. There’s a massive myth about highly successful people; that they has it easier, or were luckier than others.

Actually, usually, the opposite is the case. Most successful people have had far more failures than unsuccessful people.

But they persist. And more than that, they persist intelligently. Calmly evaluating their results and then changing their approach, until they unlock the combination lock to victory in their field.

It is my belief that in the long run, you can very accurately predict your own success. By evaluating how strongly you have these three behavioral traits.

So, how would you rank yourself out of Ten, for each of them?

Don’t be despondent if your score is low. Just start focusing on improving your score in each of the three crucial areas.

Merely by focusing on improving how you perform with these traits each and every day will hugely increase your results in business. And life.

In the long run, success is quite predictable. Do the three things in this blog and it is well nigh impossible not to succeed at a higher level than most people.

Don’t do them and it could be a tough road.

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