The World’s Easiest Way to Build a Business.

The world is full of millions of books and courses on how to make money in business.

Examining them, you could be forgiven for concluding that it’s hard to do.

After all, if succeeding in business was simple, how could there be so many thousands of complex and often contradictory methodologies on how to do it?

But what if there was one single strategy you could use to be almost certain of making a million?

Well I think there is.

Do this one thing well and in time it is almost certain you will be highly successful in almost any industry.

What is that strategy?

Just find the best in your industry and copy them. That’s right, just do the same things they do.

Copy their brand positioning.

Copy their pricing.

Copy their website design, newsletters and Google ad strategy.

Emulate how they dress, how they talk to the press, what they think, their beliefs about where the industry is heading.

Do this for two years, and I assure you will have a successful business.


Because the market leaders in your industry have already made the mistakes, tested what works and what doesn’t.

By simply doing the same things they do you quickly short circuit your learning process, going straight to a successful model.

Now of course when I say copy them, I don’t mean precisely. Ripping off their exact wording, logo colours and brand names will of course be an express ticket to the law courts.

But if you take what they do and do it slightly differently, you will generally end up with some great profit streams.

But here’s the problem.

Most business owners don’t even know their competitors. They simply haven’t bothered to do the research to find out who the most successful players in their industry are.

They are not experts in their own fields. And so they are condemned to make endless mistakes, as they attempt to invent what works by themselves.

Studying your industry doesn’t have to take a lifetime either, probably just an hour or two a week actually.

Looking at competitors websites, worldwide.

Reading your industry’s trade journals religiously.

Buying the latest books written by industry titans.

Attending the most important industry conferences.

It’s not hard.

But follow this one strategy and your entire financial future will change for the better.

You’ll not only know the best players. Pretty soon you’ll be one yourself.

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3 thoughts on “The World’s Easiest Way to Build a Business.

  1. Couldn’t agree with this article more. I never understand why more aspiring entrepreneurs aren’t reading every book on successful people in their industries, and/or doing anything they can do have them mentor them, or just be around them in some way or another that allows them to sponge from their information.

  2. This is modelling. @Sharon Pearson is a mentor I’ve trained with in the past and she had a nice way to support this great suggestion. She calls it ‘blending’. The idea is that you take the best bits of your successful competitors, as you suggest here Siimon, and then blend them all together to give you your own unique spin on a successful formula.

    Perhaps we should be ‘modelling’ you?? 🙂

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