How Tom Brady Can Help You Be A Better Entrepreneur

Many are still talking about the record breaking comeback of the Patriots to win the Super Bowl.

No team had ever come back from such a deficit to win a Super Bowl – the Patriots scored 31 points straight to clinch what was assumed by virtually everyone to be a certain Falcons victory.

Virtually everyone except quarterback Tom Brady of course. And history was made.

But this isn’t just a lesson in great football. There are many things that Tom Brady did that are EXACTLY what you should do as an entrepreneur.

  1. He persisted when so many ‘experts’ assumed victory was impossible
  2. He lead and inspired his team to believe that they could still win
  3. He kept calm under immense pressure
  4. He stayed positive, even when he made some crucial mistakes
  5. He changed tactics when his initial strategies weren’t working
  6. He got up when he was knocked down again and again
  7. He listened and acted upon the advice of his advisors
  8. He consistently took calculated risks
  9. And when victory was achieved he gave the credit to his team, not just himself

Does Tom Brady actually have any business skills?

Well, some would look at his lack of business experience and say No.

But others would look at how he played at the Super Bowl and say “Hell yeah.”

And maybe it’s time for all of us to bring a little more Tom Brady into how we run our companies.

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