The Two Word Solution To Grow Your Business Faster

I coach a lot of entrepreneurs on how to grow their revenue quickly.

We mentor business owners from a huge variety of industries.

But strangely, the ones that aren’t doing well almost always have the same problem.

I’ve come to believe that there is one reason, above all others, that is responsible for slow growth in business.

It takes bravery to fix it, but once you’ve made the decision you can see an extremely rapid increase in your company’s revenue.

This business building strategy can be summed up in just two words.

Ask more.

Make asking people for money the central activity you do each week, and you will soon be making a lot more revenue.

Ask all your old clients to buy from you again.

Ask all your old leads to re-consider working with you.

Ask all your current clients to buy something else from you – even if you have to brainstorm what that could be.

And if you are sitting around your office angry at how slow your company is growing, get on the phone, call up potential clients, and ask them for a meeting.

Consistent asking for business changes everything. Fast.

But so many entrepreneurs are too scared to do it.

They want to sit back and wait for the clients to come to them.

If you do that, your company’s growth will always be capped – it will be a fraction of what it could be.

You have to get out there and ask, ask, ask.

Consistently. Creatively, Compellingly.

The simple fact is, two words will solve almost all entrepreneur’s growth problems.

Ask more.

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