What To Do If You Hate Doing Sales

Here’s the problem.

We all know we have to do stuff to get new sales – calls, emails, events, etc.

But so many of us absolutely hate it.

We don’t want to appear high pressure. Or needy. Or to talk about money.

We love running our business, we just don’t like doing the business development/sales stuff that brings in the money!

Hey, I hear you.

And while doing Sales work may never be totally fun, there are some things you can do that will make it so much easier- and more effective.

Part of the reason so many people hate doing sales work is that we can never think of what to say. 

We stutter, we pause, we blurt out silly things- no wonder we don’t want to do it 🙂

Try using a script instead. Say roughly the same words for every sales call, and your nervousness and stress will be greatly reduced.

Pretty soon, you’ll get used to it and sales won’t bother you at all. You’ll also get much better results as you’ll be more consistent with what you say.

The best salespeople practice their Scripts and Dialogues every week, at least. Practicing what to say with someone else keeps you sharp and increases your confidence enormously.

It doesn’t have to take hours. Just grab a friend or work colleague and arrange a 20 minute time period each week to role play, either in person or by phone.

Pretty soon you’ll be doing it super smoothly and your stress will dissipate considerably.

Not only will you make a whole lot more money when you do new business development every work day, you’ll get a whole lot better at the sales process itself.

Half the time, the main reason we don’t like doing something is that we are not good at it.

But practice daily and that all changes. As you get better at it you usually will enjoy it a whole lot more.

Instead of reluctantly doing sales, change your attitude. Resolve to become really, really good at it, one of the best in the world.

It’s strange. When we take something we dislike and endeavor to be brilliant at it, it suddenly becomes a lot more interesting, and our progress sky rockets.

So read the books of sales masters. buy courses on sales, read articles and blogs on persuasion.

Once you really get into the subject, you may actually find it fascinating. After all, the ability to convince a total stranger to give you money is a pretty remarkable skill.

And believe me, there is no more important part of business to get good at than the sales process. It’s the profit engine of any business.

So if you hate doing sales work, try these 4 tips. They can be a real game changer.

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