Why People Visit Your Website.

Here’s a fascinating new stat from the internet research company, GlobalReviews.

Generally, 1 in 3 visitors to a website did so because a friend recommended it to them.

Not because you advertised.

Not because they found you on Google.

But just because somebody they trusted told them about your website.

So, if website recommendations from friends are so important, how can you get more of them?

Make your site remarkable.

Either through unusual design.

Stunning pictures.

Ridiculously good value offers.

Or a radical, interesting philosophy.

If 1 in 3 people visit a website because their friends told them to do it, you need to do something, anything to make your website stand out from the pack.

Is your website worthy of discussion?

There’s an old saying in the marketing industry:

‘The very best type of advertising is word of mouth.’

So go create a website people talk about.

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2 thoughts on “Why People Visit Your Website.

  1. Thank you Siimon for reminding us that it is mostly about face-to-face relationships. It is tiring to continually hear only about search rankings, keywords, etc. when it comes to site visitors.

    What a breath of fresh air and the very core of business—life-on-life interactions.

  2. Thank you Siimon – My company has been built + operated purely on ‘word of mouth advertising’ for over a decade.

    We’re excited embracing social media technology, however our philosophy is simple and will remain the same:
    “Let people tell others how good you are, not the other way around”.

    In amongst the haste & white noise of the business world, we can loose sight of what’ s important… Its important to slow down & breathe…

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