Why Should Someone Choose Your Company Over Others?

Why should someone choose your company over others?

Growing a highly successful business is not luck.

There are actually numerous, highly predictable ways you can make it happen.

Today I’d like to focus on one simple method that can make a real difference to how much income your company makes:

Get super clear about why a customer should choose you over your competition.

Most entrepreneurs don’t really know.

Oh sure, they can give you a bit of a sales pitch for their company, but they’ don’t usually have a powerful, highly persuasive, carefully articulated list of reasons why their company is better than most of their direct competitors.

Do you?

To formulate a compelling point of difference for your company you must do 5 things:

1. Get to know your competitor’s sales pitch.
Most entrepreneurs never bother to do this. And because they don’t know what their competition does to sell themselves, they can’t adequately defend themselves from it.

2. Get clear on what makes your company different. Or what could make you different.
If you discover that you are just like every other company, how could you change or improve your selling proposition?

3. Build your sales presentation around that.
Too many companies just give you a quick and basic list of their advantages, rather than carefully crafting their sell.

4. Build all of your marketing around these points of difference.
Hammer it home at every opportunity

5. Train every one of your staff to be able to explain exactly why someone should choose your company.
Every one of your employees can be potent sales enablers if trained well.

Most companies do not do all five of these things.

Most don’t even do three.

If you do, you’ll dramatically increase how many customers you win.

You must make it absolutely clear why you are better than your competition.

Do it well and you won’t have much competition.

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