The World’s Simplest Way To Increase Your Revenue

Over the years I’ve learned over a hundred techniques for lifting a company’s income.

But there is one strategy that is so simple it’s almost ridiculous. Yet the entrepreneurs who really embrace it report extraordinary results.

It takes only a few days to do, and can then be used to reliably increase a company’s revenue for decades.

What is this crazily simple technique?

Make more offers to your clients.

Let me explain. Generally entrepreneurs have a handful of services they offer to their clients. And rarely are clients offered anything new down the track.

That’s such a wasted opportunity.

You go to all the trouble of winning over a client, then you keep giving them the same menu of services. Yes they may like what you do, but you’re missing the chance to make a lot more money from them.

Just ask yourself, what else could you offer them?

Is there something deeper? Or more expensive? Is there a service you could offer that is closely aligned to what you do now but different?

Could you offer them another company’s services?

With a little thought I’m confident you’ll come up with several additional services you can offer them. Now spread out those offers throughout the year, so that every quarter you offer your clients a different service. (So in total you have at least 4 different offerings).

The result of this extremely simple technique can be wondrous on your bottom line.

It usually improves your client relationships too. Clients see your company as forward thinking, progressive, proactive. Always coming up with fresh ways to help them.

So try the world’s simplest method to increase your revenue.

It may be simple, but it works.

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