Your Key To Winning The Final Quarter Of The Year

Can you believe we are into the last quarter of the year?

Ouch. For many company owners, that hurts.

At the start of the year you probably set some major business goals.

How are they going?

If you’re not happy with your company’s progress, don’t worry, you can turn it around quickly and end the year really powerfully and profitably. You really can.

But you’ll need to do these 3 things to have an excellent last 3 months:

1. Get Somebody To Help You With Low Impact Admin.
When I’m coaching entrepreneurs, I see this as one of their biggest blocks to growth.

They get so caught up in daily administration tasks they simply don’t have enough time to find and develop new client leads.

When the low importance jobs are put in front of the high importance jobs, a poor performing company is certain.

2. Radically Streamline Your Work Flow Systems.
Complexity kills profitability. You must ruthlessly reduce complexity in every way you can.

When you fulfill a job for a client, how can you simplify it?

How can you speed it up? How can you get less people to work on it?

Could you outsource some or all of it?

As your company gets bigger, work systems can become unwieldy and inefficient. This creates a large amount of almost invisible friction that sucks the elegance and efficiency out of your business.

Make the decision to search out and kill work flow complexity now.

3. Work With Monetary Desperation.
A lot of business owners are just too damn comfortable.

Sometimes it’s precisely because you are earning quite a good living that you are not driving yourself hard to take your profits to the next level.

An attitudinal change is crucial if you want to your profit levels to rise up significantly.

Develop what I call ‘Positive Desperation’ when it comes to your company’s income.

Cultivate in your mind a seething, fiery, desperate focus on bringing money in- but do so in a positive, upbeat manner.

Very few people aim to do both at once, but when you do you will get stunning financial results and feel good simultaneously.

This last 3 months can either be a misery inducing disappointment or a mighty financial triumph.

It really is up to you.

Focus on these 3 areas and your company’s future is assured.

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