Your Checklist For A High Profit Company

I’ve created 5 million dollar+ companies in a row.

And one of them was so big it had 6000 staff.

It’s not luck.

There’s a specific procedure that I follow, and that I teach to all the company owners who I mentor.

Keep this checklist on how to create a high profit, scaleable company. It can make you a fortune:

1. Put Profit First.
I know this is uncomfortable, but unless you put money making number one, it will always be a problem for you. You get what you urgently focus on.

2. Run A Disciplined Business Development System.
Stop waiting for new clients to contact you. And stop doing new business efforts sporadically.

You must develop and follow a system where you spend a specific amount of time on growing your company every single work day.

3. Get Serious About Your Points Of Difference.
Your industry is probably massively saturated with competitors. It’s really hard to stand out.
But the good news is almost every one of your competitors is usually saying the same thing.
You need to brainstorm your unique points of difference to have a hope of winning a lot of clients.

4. Map Out The Entire Pitch Process.
Don’t wing it when you’re trying to pitch for clients. Have every step of the process carefully mapped out and followed. It makes a huge difference to how many clients you win.

5. Become A Master Of Follow Up.
Almost no company owners do this well.

You need to endlessly stay in touch with at least a hundred potential clients, in a time effective way.

People buy from people they get to know over time.

6. Maximize Your Current Client Profitability.
Don’t spend all your time thinking about new clients.

Spend major blocks of time designing ways to get your current clients to spend more with you.

It’s an easier and quicker path to increase your income.

Okay, so that’s my checklist for entrepreneurial greatness.

Keep it. And regularly monitor yourself on how many of these 6 steps you are doing really well.

It’s time to grow your company fast. It’s time you made some serious money.

Follow the checklist above and it will help you enormously.

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