We’ve all been under huge pressure over the last few weeks.

And many business leaders have become depressed.

It’s understandable. Revenue has collapsed for most companies, and many clients have stopped spending.

If you are feeling down and disempowered, then today I’d like to show you a different way of thinking that is enormously helpful in turbulent times.

It’s a mental technique that almost instantly improves your business, lifts your mood, and gets you feeling like you’re back in control again.

Here it is:

Stop focusing on your company’s results (which are probably bad right now) and start focusing on your own personal performance each day.

Literally change the game, so that the primary thing you think about all day is whether YOU are performing well, not just your business.

Here’s how you do it:

Define what being excellent as a company leader looks like. What are the behaviors of a CEO who is superb? Write them down on paper.

Attempt to be like that person all day long. Keep coming back to that list through the day and do your best to exhibit the character traits of somebody who is a truly world class business person.

Evaluate yourself at the end of the day. How well did you be that person? Where were you strong and where were you weak? Which areas do you need to work on tomorrow?

At night frequently see yourself as already being that person. The mind is a mysteriously powerful thing. The more you act as if you have certain personal traits the more you develop them.

What’s great about this mental technique is that it improves your performance at work very quickly. Easily within an hour.

It also is a game you can win every day- you don’t need anyone else’s help, you don’t need someone to find a cure for the Coronavirus. You just need to be excellent, as you have defined it.

Make this your primary aim each day and you’ll start to feel amazing, and your business will rise to a whole new level.

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