How to Beat Stress and Overwhelm

If you’re feeling overwhelmed in your business, there’s a technique I developed that can massively reduce your stress and quickly improve your results.

I call it The One Action.

The One Action is ridiculously simple, but also stunningly effective.

It works like this:

When the work is piling up and you don’t know where to start, look at each project you have and ask the following question.

“What’s the one action I could take that would have the most impact here?”

And then quickly take that action.

The One Action method works so well because it reduces the confusion and complexity of any major project.

(So often we are so frozen by all there is to do, we end up doing nothing).

It moves you from thinking/worrying mode into action mode.

And it simplifies your To Do List into manageable chunks.

But perhaps the most important change The One Action makes is mental.

After you take a key action step on two or three of your projects, you get a wonderful feeling of momentum, progress and achievement.

This creates a virtuous action/result cycle where you feel more and more empowered each One Action task that you do, so you’re motivated to do more of them.

The truth is, we are often busier than we should be. Rather than just endlessly do stuff we need to behave like an army sniper and very carefully look for the most important target, then shoot it.

This highly leveraged way of thinking and behaving ensures no matter how busy we are, we get the vital jobs done (and we feel a whole lot less stress to boot).

Today my One Action task was to write this blog.

What’s yours?

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3 thoughts on “How to Beat Stress and Overwhelm

  1. I love this technique Siimon. Really great. I think it’s good as well because you get the ‘dopamine’ hit from ticking something off the ‘to do’ list which then gives you momentum for the next task.

    I’d love to meet you one day because I am growing a marketing company and have been so inspired by your achievements.

    I work with Alexi Neocleous and Dale Beaumont who I know are friends of yours and they both say great things about you.

    All best wishes,


  2. Excellent Siimon, thank you for sharing your wise words & experience, your blogs are brilliant, nice work from a fabulous team player. Looking forward to seeing you & Kath over Sydney summer, Sara Langham xo

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