How to believe in yourself

Running a business is hard. Super hard.

Even when things are going well- which for most company founders is not that often.

There are two overarching reasons why entrepreneurship is so tough.

As company leaders, there is a very wide variety of things we have to do well, versus someone who just works as an employee.

As a result of Point 1, there are many more things that can and do go wrong.

These two points together cause huge amounts of stress for most business owners.

That’s why Self Belief is so important.

Unless you maintain a powerful self belief that you will prevail over the endless obstacles and win, you will be crushed by the ever challenging stresses of life in business.

As an entrepreneur, your confidence must be protected at all times.

It’s a vital component of long term business success, and it absolutely appalls me that none of the leading business schools in the world emphasize it’s importance.

But it’s one thing to accept the need to maintain self belief, it’s another to be able to do it.

Like everything else in life worth having, self belief usually doesn’t occur naturally and of its own volition.

It must be worked on, cultivated and enhanced.

As a mentor and coach to many entrepreneurs and business leaders, I often have to help people increase their self belief that they can achieve their business dreams. 

I use many techniques to do that, but in this blog, I’m going to give you two that work particularly well.

Create a clear, positive, future vision of yourself.

The truth is, but most people operate almost entirely in the present and the past.

All day long they handle immediate issues ( the present), while in between their minds keep dwelling on past events, experiences, results and feelings. They are present and past based.

Precious little time is spent by most people thinking about, clarifying and imagining their future. They have very weak future based selves.

But it’s only when you have a clear and exciting vision of your future that you can develop the self belief to handle the often treacherous storms of today. You need a very strong future based vision of yourself to not be affected by present day adversity.

Think about that future vision constantly.

At work, at home, and consistently during the day and night.

Only when the clear, positive, future vision of You is constantly focused on does it begin to change your self belief, and your everyday actions. Which soon improves your results.

Successful business leaders have a strong vision of their future themselves, and think about it endlessly.

Poor business performers have a very cloudy future self vision, and think about it rarely. 

In fact most of the time their vision of themselves in the future is full of worry and consternation.

Please do not underestimate the importance of self belief in business success.

And do not underestimate the power of those two techniques to achieve it.

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