If you want to have a magnificent 2021, you must do this now.

A great future doesn’t just happen.

You have to design it.

And to have an extraordinary 2021 you must carefully think about what you did poorly this year…. to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Here are 3 important questions to help you evaluate your performance.

Did you have an organized, consistent lead generation system?

You can’t grow a big business by chance.

And you can’t rely purely on word of mouth to get new clients if you want to build serious wealth.

You must have a simple but effective way to bring in inquiries each and every week. Leads should come in like clockwork.

If they only come in occasionally, I can guarantee this will continue to be a major source of stress for you.

Did you have a world-class sales system to convert the leads into sales?

I’m not talking about being a good presenter- every second person is that.

I’m talking about having a methodical way of convincing people who have shown interest in your product to commit to giving you their money.

Think about this: If you just increased the percentage of inquiries you converted into sales by 20%, you would dramatically increase the size of your net profit.

Did you get most of your customers this year to come back and buy from you again?

Lots of entrepreneurs can get people to buy from them once. It takes real skill to get them to buy from you again and again and again.
Yet that is the difference between having a mildly profitable company and one making you a fortune. For most companies, the real wealth is in repeat purchases.

Okay, so how did you perform in these 3 areas in 2020? 
Take a moment now to give yourself a mark for each, out of 10.

If you’re not happy with your score, it’s important to take action now to fix it.
If you don’t, next year could easily be a repeat of this year. Or much worse.

If you’d like help getting all these 3 of these areas going well, I may be able to assist.
I coach business owners of all sizes and types to systematically and dramatically increase their revenue. Put another way, I make entrepreneurs richer.

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